The Next Level of Business Transformation

A boost in productivity for your customers. A boost in profitability for you.

Unlock your organisation’s growth potential with a quality solution for your customers.

Telviva One is the next-level way to transform your business potential, discover new opportunities and reshape how your customers see you – extend your Unified Communications market reach.

Benefits of becoming a partner and selling Telviva One

Enables your customers to better synchronise multi mode communication with their customers.

Extend your product range with low risk, high business impact and speed to market.

Leverage your brand within the product.

Bring your own carrier or leverage Telviva’s carrier.

Leverage the operational experience of a market leader.

This solution is most suitable for partners that follow these requirements:

Manage voice operations currently.

Provide and manage access networks to customers.

Have access to a field service team for activations.

Provide managed services to a customer.

Your customers will never miss another opportunity. Neither should you

No more lost calls. No more missed opportunities. Instead, your customers can look forward to more first call resolutions, more productivity, profitability, and hugely enhanced CX. This is what synchronised communications really means to your customers. And as a no-brainer proposition, it means increased sales for you.

As your customers leverage the best of the cloud, you can leverage from a new opportunity

Having an endless list of features and benefits is what sets Telviva One apart. It’s a highly attractive offering for any of your client companies, big or small. For instance:


Telviva One enables licenses to scale up and down to meet changing business requirements.


Your customers now have a platform that allows them to engage with voice, video chat, social media. And do so wherever they are.


Telviva One’s ease of interoperability means your customers will be able to leverage the best available cloud solutions. The open APIs mean complete synchronisation with existing business processes.

We've leveraged the best to give you the best

A Reseller with an existing Enswitch system will use their own Enswitch system, not ours. A Reseller or Customer with an existing Matrix homeserver may use their own rather than ours. Telviva One comprises five dimensions that leverage the opensource projects of Matrix and Jitsi for our chat rooms and video meetings. Our Real Time Communications (RTC) proxies act as gateways converting between SIP/RTP and WebRTC/SRTP. Our two SKUs, Telviva One Essential and Telviva One Premium, are served from AWS, leveraging their global reach.

Your Customers are about to enjoy an abundance of new benefits:

Complete your product offering to those customers with a unified communication solution requirement

Enable additional revenues on existing and new customers

Our service is available on a consumption basis - contracted in quarterly cycles

Currently serviced from the AWS global cloud computing platform provided by Amazon

Developed and used by the largest cloud-based business communications in South Africa

Product Description

Ten reasons why Telviva One will transform any device into a home / office environment in an instant:

Your Personal Web Portal
  • Make and receive phone calls, leveraging all the features offered on you Enswitch Platform, including call recording, conference calls and call transfers.
  • Integrate with various address books including Microsoft and Google Contacts. Your personal speed dials are also integrated. On top of all this, you can also set up your own favourites .
  • Call History
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Utilise the presence feature which is automatically updated when a user is in a call or in a meeting.

A user can manually change their status as well with a custom message. The statuses are described in the table below:

Available | The user is available to accept calls and be dialled into a meeting. Inbound calls will ring on Telviva One and Telviva Mobile.

Busy | The user is on a call or in a meeting. Inbound calls will still ring on Telviva One and Telviva Mobile but at a more subtle and softer tone.

Not Available | The user is not available, inbound calls will not ring on Telviva One and Telviva Mobile. Do Not Disturb (DND)

  • Configure mic settings like
    • Call forwarding destination
    • Do not disturb
    • Other IMACS things we are working on

In short, Telviva One turns your web browser into your home/office environment. Plus a host of other IMACS benefits that will be introduced soon.

Mobile Phone Application

Telviva Mobile is an application allowing users to make and receive calls from their mobile phones using Telviva. Telviva Mobile allows users to benefit from reduced call rates across all networks and international destinations and enables one to make and receive office phone calls on your mobile phone, ensuring users are always available.


Telviva Mobile fully integrates with various address books, your mobile phone address book, Google Contacts and Telviva Shared contacts included. Telviva Mobile turns your mobile phone into your home/office phone in an instant.


The following features are not yet available in Telviva Mobile but are on the development roadmap:


  • Three-way calling
  • Meetings
  • Chat
  • Calendar management
  • Presence management

Telviva Chat

We have successfully integrated the Matrix Open Source Chat system into Telviva One providing your customers with a rich chat experience including. The following features are included:


  • Easily share information via chat while on a voice call
  • Share documents and files
  • Integrate with Slack and other popular platforms

Telviva Meetings

The Telviva One premium product includes a video conferencing system where you can schedule and hold video meetings. Collaborate seamlessly from anywhere with video meetings. Telviva Meetings is powered by Jitsi and the following features are included:


  • Integration with Google & Microsoft for simple scheduling.
  • Easily add extra participants into your meeting via audio or video.
  • Recording of video meetings.


With the Video Conferencing feature you can extend a mid-size boardroom for a full meeting room experience. The Poly Studio solution in conjunction with the Clickshare CX-20 offers a seamless user experience where the user can bring their own device and simply plug in the dongle to connect to a Telviva One virtual meeting room. The solution consists of:


Clickshare CX-20

  • Full BYOD Support
  • Remote Collaboration
  • 4K UHD HDMI Output
  • Includes 1 conferencing Buttons
  • Including 5 year extended warranty


 Poly Studio

  • Audio/Video USB Soundbar with Audio Tracking 120Deg FOV
  • 4K Camera
  • USB Stereo Speakerphone, BT Speakerphone
Telviva Engage

Telviva Engage is a real-time multi-channel service for contact centres or customer-facing teams. Elegantly designed, it integrates seamlessly with your web service and back-end systems.

Telviva Engage provides a multi-channel service, enabling instant messaging and voice for customer engagement via a web browser where chat context is securely passed into Touchpoint, which is displayed to the agent and to the transcript.

The all-in-one communication platform provides the following features and functionality in each package, refer to the Telviva One Essentials and Premium table below:

Telviva One consists of various components:

  • Web servers to serve the user interface.
  • APIs and other auxiliary interfaces – such as contacts providers, calendar providers and other business systems.
  • RTC proxies that converts voice traffic to the SIP/RTP protocol and WebRTC/SRTP that interact with multiple systems to provide voice calling capabilities.
  • Jitsi (an open source project) servers to provide video conferencing capabilities.
  • Matrix (an open source project) servers to provide text chat capabilities.

Voice Fabric (RTC servers)

  • Acts as a shim layer between SIP/RTP and WebRTC/SRTP
  • Supports OPUS
  • Produces CDRs which contain useful metrics relating to device type, push notification performance, last SIP response, talk time etc.
  • Jitsi Video Bridge (an open source project) to provide video conferencing capabilities.
  • Matrix (an open source project) servers to provide text chat capabilities.

Jitsi Video Bridge

  • Telviva One integrates with Jitsi Iframe API.
  • Automatic scaling.
  • Recordings are saved to an AWS bucket.

Matrix Chat Server

  • Telviva One is integrated with Matrix.
  • Federated chat provider.
  • See for info.
How to Provision the Services

White labelling

Telviva One and Telviva Mobile can be white labelled with the reselling owner’s own branding (logo & color scheme). The branding can be applied to:

  1. Telviva Web
  2. Telviva Mobile

Once off branding actions will include:

  • Adding custom logos to webclient & mobile application
  • Colour scheme change/ custom skin on webclient & mobile application
  • Name change for mobile application (from Telviva Mobile)

The monthly white labelling management support will include:

  • Manage and update versions in the App Stores (Google Play Store + Apple App Store).
  • Device support.
  • Management of the web.
    • Bug fixes
    • New feature deployment
    • Enhancements
User Management & Billing

The Reseller will have an overview of their customers and within each customer, the number of licenses that are allocated. It will provide a total/ summary of the active licenses and within the customer which users the active licenses belong to. There will be an export function in order to export the information out of Telviva One.

This view will be dependent on the user roles and who will have access to this. The image below shows what the setup would look like:

Currently, this is still in development. But rest assured, Telviva will provide reporting on current usage of licenses as required by the reseller.

For the call charges, the resellers need to be used for calculating the billing. For the licensing, Telviva has their own license module to determine the billing. This will be billed separately, if there’s a demand for fees for features, it will be treated case by case.

Creating a new user needs to be done in the reseller interface. Telviva One will list all the users from the reseller system (refer to section 6 Billing & Rate Sheets). Licenses can be allocated to users from the Telviva One Admin interface.

Changes in users need to be done in the reseller environment as well as the allocation of a new user.

Admin users will receive email alerts once a certain percentage of licenses have been reached and before the reseller will move into the next billing category.


The table below shows the roles and responsibilities for Telviva and the reseller. Resellers will be responsible to support any other factors that are not listed in the table below:

For added support and to assist and resolve errors and bug fixes efficiently, we at Telviva will take on the guise of a customer as soon as any glitch is reported to us by the reseller. The process to log these types of requests need to be defined and which service framework will apply.

The agreement has a detailed version of the roles and responsibilities and how to log the support requests.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

The Reseller legal terms and regulatory compliance are detailed in the Reseller agreement.

In respect of GDPR the following general principles apply:

  • Telviva One only stores and uses personal data for the purposes of providing telecommunications services to customers, billing them for these services, and complying with related legal requirements around such services.
  • Telviva does not share personal data with third parties unless you have custom scripts or plugins doing so.
  • Telviva allows customers to see and (where relevant) edit their personal data unless you have customised the roles or rate plans to prevent this.
  • Telviva keeps an audit log of all changes to customer data.
  • Telviva allows customers to download logs related to their activity unless you have customised the roles or rate plans to prevent this.
  • All the cookies that Telviva uses are essential to the operation of the Telviva web interface and the requests that users are making of it, and therefore permitted by article 6.1.b without consent from the data subject.

Calls are encrypted from the end user to the RTC proxy and conform to the RFC. Herewith the link to the document for more information.


Telviva One and all data relating to the users is hosted in AWS which is secure. Please refer to this link for more information on AWS security. The responsibilities are listed and Telviva follows best practices for the remaining components.

AWS Security Model


Once an Enswitch owner is set up, handover and training will be provided by the Telviva Team. This will be a virtual training session to ensure the Enswitch owner understands all the different components of Telviva One and how to use and manage it going forward. As each component is tested and trained on, it will be signed off in the handover/ user acceptance process. The following components will be covered in the training and hand over:

  • Chat
  • Meetings (service powered by Jitsi)
  • Settings
  • Webphone
  • Contacts
  • Going through each function on Telviva One to ensure it’s fully functional
  • Support Process (bug fixes logged etc.)
  • User reporting & billing

The all-in-one communication platform provides the following features and functionality in each package:

Telviva One Essentials
  • Per user / Per month*
  • Cloud Business Phone
  • Feature-Rich Cloud PBX
  • Fixed Line Extension
  • Mobile Application for iOS & Android
  • Webphone
  • Desktop Application
  • Telviva One Portal
  • In and Outbound Calls
  • Call Transfers
  • Audio Conferencing
  • User Friendly Dashboard
  • Voicemail Management
  • Call History
  • Contacts Management
  • Presence Detection
  • Manage DND
  • Cloud Integrations
  • Google & Microsoft Contacts
  • Collaboration
  • Team Messaging
Telviva One Premium
  • Per user / Per month*
  • Everything in Telviva One Essentials Plus
  • Cloud Integrations
  • Google & Microsoft Calendar
  • Website Chat & Audio*
  • CRM Integration
  • Collaboration
  • Videoconference Meetings