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When a national lockdown was declared during the COVID-19 pandemic, Servest was forced to shut down its offices in mere days. With 10 divisions spread across 35 000 sites, this leading integrated facilities management company is hugely dependent on phone services – for interbranch calls to 50+ branches, as well as to run various call centres. Almost 700 extensions run off Telviva’s cloud-based phone system, handling over 14 000 customer and internal calls per day.

Pink Elephant is a global leader in IT service management with a track record that spans 40 years. It offers managed services, service automation, consulting and education across multiple international best practice frameworks. Its managed IT support is delivered by the Pink Elephant Service Centre: a tailored off-site service desk solution that can also be deployed inside an organisation.

Edcon, a major clothing and footwear retailer in Southern Africa, faced a two-fold challenge: The company’s legacy technology infrastructure was no longer able to meet the requirements of the modern, connected retail environment, resulting in a degraded experience for staff and customers, as well as high data and call costs for the company.