As any great business leader, athlete, or performer would insist, focus is the key to achieving any worthwhile goal or outcome. Without laser beam focus, the desired level of perfection can never truly be attained. Yet for entrepreneurs and small business owners, focus can be incredibly hard to maintain – even for a few hours, not to mention days or weeks. All too often, business owners get caught up in the chaos of daily operations – keeping staff on the right track, paying bills, dealing with landlords, fending off sales people, etc etc…They get roped into the small but urgent details, and distracted from their core role: driving the business forward.

Without doubt, one of the biggest hindrances for business owners is often IT, and the associated hardware, software licenses, contracts, etc. that come with it. Business owners spend precious hours in meetings trying to sort it all out, and even worse, in the dusty back room hunting for boxes and serial numbers to match up to licenses and missing hardware.

In today’s fast paced business environment, businesses simply cannot afford for their top management to be caught up in operational snags – be they IT headaches or HR tensions. As a result, savvy business owners are turning to the Cloud, and to browser-based Cloud platforms, in order to simplify their operations and create space for that all-important focus. Indeed, with Cloud-based platforms, managing elements such as licensing, billing, usage, etc. becomes simple and straightforward, with all the required information just a click away.

Now, with a Cloud PBX user interface, for example, what used to take hours to calculate and log for an accountant or manager to scrutinise, is instantly available via easy to read (and download) reports. And by using Cloud-based platforms such as Gmail and Google Apps, business owners no longer have to worry about backing up information to costly servers, or losing key data via errant employees. Indeed, if an employee leaves unexpectedly, managers can simply shut down their access to certain networks, platforms or apps – thereby eliminating what used to be a huge risk to corporate IP.

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