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Over the past decade, there has been a massive amount of change and innovation in the technology space. Without doubt, this has impacted almost every facet of the business environment – from operations, finances, and communications to HR management. Today, businesses are heavily reliant on small innovations that they could not possibly have foreseen several years ago. For example, the click-to-dial tool in emails and on websites has become a necessity for all types of businesses and services – and it is something that many business owners could not have even conceptualised when they first began operating.

As the pace of change and disruption continues to gather speed and momentum, business owners need to ensure that they are positioned to benefit from a world that is constantly innovating. If not, they risk being left behind by their more nimble and agile counterparts. The key is to have the right technology platforms and systems in place – and these platforms need to be inherently future proof.

Today, Cloud-based platforms and solutions offer the simplest and most efficient way for business owners to ensure that they can remain dynamic, up-to-date and relevant in their respective industries. Given the constant need to integrate new systems and software, Cloud-based platforms allow business owners to adapt according to fast-changing customer needs and requirements – and immediately embrace new innovations.

At Telviva, for example, we were one of the first Cloud PBX providers to introduce WebRTC (Real Time Communication) into our offering, and to explore its many capabilities. Now, with our understanding of this game-changing tool, we are testing out ways to further integrate it into our systems and enhance our business telephony services.

More than ever before, business owners need to be able to respond quickly to increasingly demanding customer needs, and to be able to offer the latest innovations in their respective industries or sectors. By shifting services and solutions to the Cloud, business owners will not only be positioned to react quickly, they will also be able to incorporate dynamic new thinking and tools before their more staid competitors.

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