For many small and medium sized business owners, managing the administration and costs associated with telephony is an ongoing struggle. Particularly for owners and managers that have to run various businesses and departments under a shared services model, correctly allocating costs and managing usage is a mammoth task. Now, with Telviva’s Insight, a pioneering cost allocation application, business owners and managers can streamline the entire process and devote resources to their core business instead.

Insight is a web­ based application that can attribute calls to individual users or groups. It is accessed via a web browser from any device, allowing users to access information while on the move. With an intuitive and easy to use dashboard, managers can quickly view airtime usage and access detailed reports. These reports can present an up to date breakdown of usage and costs by company, division, department, sub department or person. Users can select reports for a specific year, month or even day. These detailed reports can be easily downloaded and exported
to other platforms in the correct file formats.

With Insight, business owners and managers have an immediately accessible solution to cost allocation and management. It also allows them to monitor staff performance and to flag potential phone abuse and the associated high costs of mismanagement. Indeed, tasks that in previous years would have taken up valuable human resources and many tedious hours, can now be completed in a matter of minutes by simply accessing the Insight application.

In today’s fast ­paced, high­ pressure business environment, business owners and managers can no longer afford to waste resources on admin such as cost allocation. Armed with Telviva’s Insight, which is simple, intuitive, and web ­based, business owners now have the ideal tool to streamline management, improve efficiencies, and implement cost savings. With the ability to pinpoint usage on a daily basis, and produce detailed, accurate reports according to groups or individuals, business owners and managers can now focus on their core competencies and drive growth.