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In today’s frenetic, always-on corporate environment, keeping track of calls, messages – and communications in general – is a gargantuan task. One only has to glance at executive Personal Assistants and receptionists to realise that internal communication is a complex, and often stressful, daily challenge.

While Cloud-based PBX systems have undoubtedly alleviated some of this stress and lightened the load, there is still room for improvement with regards to the management of these systems. With the introduction of Telviva’s new Vision application, companies can now enjoy an even more sophisticated PBX experience.

By offering a unique, real-time console view of all PBX activity, companies can now fully leverage the benefits of Cloud-based PBX technology. Vision clearly displays the current status of other users on the system (available, busy, not answering and forwarded). Users can easily filter extensions into groups with tags, implement click-to-dial, as well as transfer and retrieve calls using the console.

In alignment with today’s mobile-first trend, users can manage their live PBX activity from an ordinary web-browser, over the Internet – at no extra charge. No software is needed, and it guarantees full and easy accessibility from any device. Using Vision, real-time communication within the enterprise environment becomes fast, reliable and efficient.

For example, using the Vision console, users can search for a colleague in a matter of seconds – then click-to-dial (as opposed to taking up precious time searching for an extension within dusty piles of paper – and ultimately using a Telviva enabled app on their mobile phone to make the call).

Users can also keep an eye on virtual conference rooms, seeing who has joined, and only joining when they can see that the required members have already joined. The smart Vision directory also enables users to find clients and suppliers within seconds, and then click-to-dial.

Unlike many other enterprise applications, Vision is simple, accessible and intuitively designed for a seamless user experience. For future-focused companies, we believe it represents the next step in real-time communications – providing a service that can ultimately transform the way in which internal communications are conducted.