High-quality communication plays a great role in the contemporary world.It is not enough to use an ordinary phone and browse the global internet to start an efficient business.The goal is to decrease communication cost and, at the same time,  expand functionality. This can be done with the help of the latest systems.

Communication has become easier

Previously, high-quality communication had been used only by major corporations.  Now, due to VoIP systems, they can be used not only by medium-sized, but also small businesses. This has been proven by market research. Having begun from scratch, today the VoIP market has reached the volume of $71 bln. According to experts` forecasts, by 2020 service volume will reach $136.76 bln. The growth ratio of VoIP is 9.7% per year.  This index speaks for itself.

The VOIP  technology is popular among businesses worldwide.

According to experts, the opportunities of VoIP market development are determined generally by growth in demand for mobile services. Currently, high performance systems is also very important. Having understood the actual requirements of the global markets, VoIP market not only began to increase value, but also expanded its geographic footprint.  Currently, VoIP technology has spread worldwide. Recently, the highest growth ratio are in regions of South Africa, the last part of the world untouched by modern communications

What do VoIP designers offer?

RingByName is a company that has been working successfully in the telecommunication industry for ten years. During this period, more than 20,000 enterprises and 300,000 individuals have used the innovative solutions of the RingByName network.  In total, RingByName serves customers from 115 countries.  According to the RingByName’s engineers, the system is based on cloud technologies and provides exceptional reliability.  By using RingByName, you receive high-quality phone service, an automated voice attendant and customer relationship management system all in one.  The system provides an exceptional user interface that allows configuration from a PC or a mobile phone.
RingByName can be used both for personal and organisational needs.  But the features of the service are most valuable for business use if there is a need to communicate with thousands of potential customers.  In particular, RingByName helps to attract new customers retain existing customers create more user-friendly co-operation between the company and customers.
In fact, RingByName can fully substitute and significantly improve your current phone service.  The system combines the features of a Hosted PBX, Hosted IVR and Hosted CRM in one service.  RingByName creates an integrated company database that helps to manage all sent and received communications.  Their mobile app provides the ability for all users to access all features of the system without being tied to their workplace.

VoIP opportunities

In the communications market, it is expected that VoIP technologies will experience exponential growth in the near future.
For the next 5 years, the telecommunication market will grow extensively. By 2020,  there are projected to be more than 349 million VoIP subscribers, the majority of which will be commercial enterprises and businesses rather than individuals. This means that by using VoIP for your business will be as essential to your success